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The main reason India lost to Sri Lanka and Pakistan in the Asia Cup 2022

The main reason India lost to Sri Lanka and Pakistan in the Asia Cup 2022

The games between Pakistan and India are consistently thrilling, dramatic, and happy. When the two cricketing heavyweights face-off, the stakes are fairly high, the expectations are really high, and the standard of play is at its peak.

On Sunday, September 4, the two neighbors faced off once more during the Asia Cup 2022 Super Four, and once again, all the rumors about these Indo-Pak encounters came true. Pakistan overcame India this time, winning by five wickets with one ball left in the innings.

The reason India lost against Pakistan & Sri Lanka

The main reason India lost to Sri Lanka and Pakistan in the Asia Cup 2022

Opener Failed after providing a good Start 

After a few games, the Indian opening duo of Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul gave a strong start against the Pakistani seamers. Haris Rauf sent Rohit Sharma back to the house after India had scored 54 without loss after five overs. KL Rahul, the Indian captain’s partner, was quickly taken out by Shadab Khan in the subsequent over. India was compelled to reorganize itself as a result of the power play.

The approach of the Middle order is not up to the mark 

The Indian middle order, which had carried the team in the previous two games, appeared lifeless in the setback on Sunday. Suryakumar Yadav, Rishabh Pant, and Hardik Pandya’s quick falls prevented India from finishing stronger despite their dominance in the first half of their batting.

The spinner Failed 

Another obvious distinction between India and Pakistan was the effect spinners had on holding hitters. Shadab Khan and Mohammad Nawaz, two Pakistani spinners, took significant wickets while also being frugal. Nawaz was more frugal and only took one wicket, while Shadab took two and finished with the figures 4-25-2. He concluded with the numbers 4-25-1.

The Indian spinners, meanwhile, did not perform as well as their rivals. Chahal faced the majority of the batters despite Bishnoi being economical and finishing with numbers of 4-26-1. His final results were 4-43-1.

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Pakistan was somewhat better on the day to defeat India by 5 wickets despite the fact that India led the game till the very last over. On Tuesday, India will play Sri Lanka in its second Super Four game and will be looking to recoup its losses.

Missing Bumrah from the show 

We only lacked Bumrah’s one over, which would have shifted the team’s momentum when Mohammad Rizwan and Mohammad Nawaz were hammering Indian bowlers all over the place. The same thing happened when Sri Lankan openers were given room to settle and the game shifted in their favor.

Later, Rajapaksa and Shanaka made room after a series of exhilarating hits. None of the bowlers were able to consistently and on a regular basis achieve the breakthroughs needed to stop the teams. Too late when the wickets arrived. The damage had already been done.

The Misjudge 

Nobody will ever forget the exact second that Arshdeep Singh lost that catch. That evening, it was demonstrated that catches win games, as the adage goes. Everyone experienced a heart-in-mouth moment at that time, and for the right reasons. We may have anticipated better results for the club had the players shown more vigor in both games.

The selector’s

India’s 2022 Asia Cup roster begs for trouble. There are a lot of spinners and only 3 quick bowlers. We observed that the magic this time wasn’t just being worked by spinners in the UAE. The ability of quick bowlers to get breakthroughs in the midst of the game or set the tone early on also contributes to their effectiveness.

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Undoubtedly, India was missing an experienced pacer. Players with more experience are injured, not the wounded players. The burden should now be on selectors to draught a squad, definitely according to the venue but also concerning the balance, as we go closer to the T20 World Cup 2022 squad announcement date.

India won’t always come out on top. Overconfidence has the drawback of making people start to relax. These defeats serve as reminders for us to improve in the majority of ICC competitions where India has struggled to establish itself as the cricketing world’s undisputed hegemon.

We succeed in winning as many bilateral series, but we must recognize that the World Cup is called the largest competition for a reason, and success there does demonstrate a point.

Since it wasn’t Afghanistan, the pity picture didn’t work in the defeat to Pakistan, but against Sri Lanka, all the signs are there to imply that India didn’t play up to par and still has a lot of work to do despite being the greatest side in T20 cricket by the rankings.

For the last 9 years, the Indian cricket team has not won any ICC trophies.

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Soumyajit Dutta is a Cricket News Analyst and Author at Empire Weekly.

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