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Top 5 Korean Dramas on Netflix that are bing watch!

In this article, we’ll look at some of the best dramas on Netflix that you won’t regret watching.

Top 5 Korean Dramas on Netflix that are bing watch!

The South Korean Industry making its way all over the globe these days through some fascinating, comedy, historic, emotional, and many more categories of dramas and films created have made it one of the world’s most successful entertainment industries.

Since the historic win of the film Parasite at the 2020 Academy Awards, it has been recognized as the most talented and creative industry. Enjoying shows without the language barrier has now become a major source of entertainment.

Fortunately while watching Asian dramas there’s a need for subtitles if you are unsure about the language. However, Netflix offers a wide source of dramas, and that too with subtitles. A win-win situation for the viewer. 

In this article, we will be looking over some Top rated dramas on Netflix that you won’t regret watching. 

1. Crash Landing On You

Top 5 Korean Dramas on Netflix that are bing watch!
Image credit: IMDb

The story revolves around a South Korean heiress businesswoman Yoon-Seri who by mistake and due to a tornado while paragliding and ends up crossing the border in North Korea. Ri Jeong-Heok, a North Korean Army officer, finds her and instead of turning her to the chief, he plans to rescue her safely back to her home, however they end up falling in love with each other during the entire process.

The drama has gained a bizarre love from the audience all over the world since the relationship between North Korea and South Korea marked an important factor for the drama as well as the subject considered.

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The story really touches the subject well and has been marked as one the most favorite drama of all time as the couple ended up getting married for real. 

2. It’s Okay Not To Be Okay 

Image credit: IMDb

The heart-touching and overwhelming drama It’s Okay Not To Be Okay revolves around a children’s book author Ko Moon-Young, a psychiatric hospital worker Moon- Gang Tae, and his elder brother Sang- Tae.

Sang- Tae is an autism patient and the brothers have recently moved since the trauma Sang-Tae had experienced because of the death of their mother. When Gang Tae and Ko Moon- young cross paths it turns out that Ko Moon- Young also suffers from an antisocial personality disorder and ends up falling for Gang Tae.

The story turns out to be sensitive, and realistic and talks about the importance of mental health. 

3. All of us are dead 

Top 5 Korean Dramas on Netflix that are bing watch!
Image credit: IMDb

The South Korean industry has a specialty for its zombie content and has gained a huge and tremendous appreciation for this drama All of us are dead. The drama revolves around a high school taken over by the zombies when a science teacher unleashes the virus on a student and then the entire town.

A group of students Lee Cheong-San, Nam On-Jo, Lee Su-Hyeok, and Choi Nam-ra however try to survive this attack learning that humans can be more monstrous as compared to the real ones. 

4. Vincenzo 

Image credit: IMDb

The drama revolves around Vincenzo Cassano starring Song Joon Ki who was adopted by an Italian family and is a lawyer working as a mafia consigliere.

After a mob war, he returns to South Korea to recover a treasure and which ultimately involves another lawyer Hong Cha-young and the tenants of Geumga Plaza. The drama is action yet melodramatic and fun to watch. 

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5. Itaewon Class

Image credit: IMDb

Itaewon Class revolves around Park Saeroyi (Park Seo Joon) who was in high school and was made to drop out because of getting into a fight with a wealthy man’s son who is a food conglomerate CEO, Jang Dae Hee.

After Years he plans to make his bar the largest food company in South Korea winning over all his enemies.  In the process, he meets his entire team a trans chef, a friend he met in the prison, a black Korean, and a sociopath. 


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