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Top 5 Richest Women of India

A list of the richest women in India with modernization and equality. The list includes some names ruling the business world today.

Top 5 Richest Women In India
Image Credits: Priyanshi Goyal

Women nowadays have left behind the orthodox thinking of men working and women helping with household chores. The 21st century is one of equality and women’s empowerment. Many women are in top positions in many companies in India and abroad like Falguni Nayar. I’m sure you all must have heard of her and her success with Nykaa after their IPO launched.

The cumulative wealth of the top 100 women on the list is Rs 4,16,970 crore which has risen by around 50% in the last decade. This contributes to the 2% nominal GDP of India. The required wealth to enter this list last year was Rs 100 crore but now it stands at a staggering Rs 300 crore. 

Now let’s look at a few women in the most exclusive list of women in India:-

Roshni Nadar Malhotra – Rs 84,330 crore
(Chairperson of HCL Technologies)

Top 5 Richest Women In India
Image Credits:

She has retained her spot as India’s richest woman twice in a row. She also became the first woman to have been leading an IT company in India. She has also made India proud on foreign soil by being on the Forbes list of ‘The world’s 100 most powerful women for the fifth consecutive time in 2021.

Falguni Nayar – Rs 57,520 crores
(Founder and CEO of Nykaa)

Top 5 Richest Women In India
Image Credits:

She is one of the two self-made female billionaires in India. She took the Indian market by a wave with the Nykaa IPO launch which crossed Rs 1 lakh crore on listing with its shares being sold at a premium of over 80% at about Rs 2000 a share. She also contributed to the spreading of the startup cult in India with her $13 billion startup motivating women in every part of India to become a businesswoman.

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw – Rs 29,030 crore
(Chairperson and Founder of Biocon)

Top 5 Richest Women In India
Image Credits:

The former chairperson of IIM Bangalore and another self-made Indian female billionaire is having a studded career with being on the Forbes list of the most powerful women to Financial times list of Top 50 business women she has done it all. Her interest in the research field of science has seen a lot of modernization and has added to the already exquisite trophy case.

Nilima Motaparti – Rs 28,180 crore
(Director of Divi Labs)

Top 5 Richest Women In India
Image Credits:

She is the richest Telugu-speaking woman at the moment. She currently has a huge stake in 4 companies with a total paid-up capital of Rs 536,100,100. She likes her life to be private and her achievements to be low-key.

Radha Vembu – Rs 26,260 crore
(Zoho Corporations)

Top 5 Richest Women In India
Image Credits:

She owns a major stake in Zoho Corp, an Indian software development company. She’s an IIT graduate and currently is a product manager for an email service under Zoho corp and is not one to steal the limelight.

We have seen how this list is, day by day, becoming harder to get in as the total wealth is rising more. It is just a sign of how Indian women can dominate the business world if provided proper support. Falguni Nayar and Kiran Mazumdar shaw are two classic examples of how a woman doesn’t need a man to rule the world of business. These stories are an inspiration for women all over the world.

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