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Top Haunted House books list

The haunted house is probably one of my favorite tropes across the whole horror genre. Book, film, video game; there is nothing creepier than big, empty spaces and being stalked by something unseen.

Top Haunted House books list
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There is no horror genre other than the haunting houses that can give you the goosebumps of hell-like. If you’re ready to sacrifice your sleep and not sleep till the dawn, hurry up and tuck yourself in your blankets and hold your pillows tight because here is the list of hunted house books that will awaken your ears enough to notice every noise in your silent house and will force you to fix those creaking door/windows noises. 

Buy Richard Matheson's Hell House: Book 3 Book Online at Low Prices in  India | Richard Matheson's Hell House: Book 3 Reviews & Ratings -

Richard Matheson is known for writing horror novels, fiction in the 60s. From Prey to Twilight zone to many, he never fails to scare us.

 When offered 100,00 dollars by a house owner, a psychiatrist with the company of the other two psychics decides to investigate the existence of the afterlife, and the doctor’s wife with the fear of being alone tags along with them not knowing that this is the biggest mistake of her life. This book has the description and graphics of the 80s and 90s horror incidents which can be unpleasant and will be traumatic and offensive for a lot of readers. So if you can handle the scare of an 80s ghost in front of you then this is the book for you.  

2. HUNTING BOMBAY Haunting Bombay: Agarwal, Shilpa: Books

Shilpa Agarwal will take you back to the year 1960s Bombay and give you the creeps-chills of Bombay’s monsoon  

Because of the horrific partition between Pakistan and India, just like how so many lost their family, Pinky too lost her mother and has moved to her grandmother Maji and uncle in the Bombay bungalow. When a kid is living in a bungalow, it becomes a treasure hunt for them. And just like Lucy from Narnia, pinky opens a door but instead of discovering a magical land, pinky finds two souls trapped there and releases them, and because it now the entire family have to pay the price for the shameful secret that they hid for years. 

The Silent Companions: The prize-winning ghost story: The perfect spooky  tale to curl up with this winter : Purcell, Laura: Books

Laura Purcell will show you want exactly is creepy. This is a horror story of the victorian era so be ready to meet the victorian ghost. This book is for all the Halloween and goth lovers, it will give you the chills in the body that you never experienced before.

Elsie is a pregnant woman who gets widowed soon after the marriage and she decides to move out from that place and live in the old house owned by her husband called The bridges. Everyone in the family is creeped out by the house because of the wooden dolls that resemble Elise which Elsie finds intriguing. Then there are timelines where you will be traveling from present to past of her husband’s ancestors which will make an eerie. It will also transport you back 1600 to Anne’s diaries. 

Beloved (novel) - Wikipedia

Toni Morrison is the greatest novelist of American literature. He shows you the portrait of women and how they were haunted. This book is a horror story but also reveals what the pain and trauma of slavery, the materialistic world does to a soul and how it leaves them with these hunting memories forever that carry a little good in it which makes the person revisit. 

Sethe is mentally unstable because of past traumatic incidents. She was born a slave and fled to Ohio. And at present, her house was hunted by her child whose tombstone was engraved with a word – BELOVED

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Soon comes a teenage girl, calling herself beloved and hearing this Sethe’s hidden secrets explodes in front of her. 

Sethe and her daughter, Denver are sacred of the world which haunted them and made them haunt themselves and their house. 

Buy Rebecca (Virago Modern Classics) Book Online at Low Prices in India |  Rebecca (Virago Modern Classics) Reviews & Ratings -

Written by Daphne Maurier. These are the six elements of the story

  •  A man
  • Woman 
  • Shadow of woman 
  • Landscape
  • A house
  • A hidden history

She uses this narrative to give us the gothic chills. 

Manderley was a home where Mrs. Rebecca de winter lived. And after her death, she was replaced by a new Mrs. winder. And because Rebecca has left her scent ever where she went it was getting harder for the new  Mrs. winder to survive.  Rebecca has filled her room with her memories and even though she’s dead, she refuses to leave and refuses to be replaced and given her powers to someone new. The new Mrs winter gets haunted in every place she goes where Rebecca has gone.

If you looking to read more haunting house books with ratings here are some books which will give scary chills.

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