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Vikrant Rona Movie Review: A Fantasy Loaded With Confusion 

Kiccha Sudeep starrer Vikrant Rona, the big-budget action film, is a mysterious fantasy involving murders and monsters. Here’s all you need to about it.

Vikrant Rona Movie Review A Weird Fantasy Loaded With Confusion 
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The big-budget action film, Vikrant Rona, starring Kiccha Sudeep in the lead is another film that is equipped with enormous sets and out-of-the-box concepts. With a marketing boost from SS Rajamouli and Salman Khan, the film attracted a lot of expectations before its release. 

The film aims at a Pan India release which will be dubbed in multiple regional languages like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Hindi, along with a few international languages like German, Russian, English, Arabic, and Mandarin. 

Vikrant Rona Cast 

Vikrant Rona Movie Review A Weird Fantasy Loaded With Confusion 
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Starring Kiccha Sudeep as the protagonist, the film also features Jacqueline Fernandes, Nirup Bhandari, Neetha Ashok, and Ravishankar Gowda. 

Helmed by Anup Bhandari, the film is produced by Jack Manju, Shalini Manjunath, and Alankar Pandian. The Hindi of the film is backed by Salman Khan. 


The story is set in a fictional village called Kamarottu and starts with very grotesque imagery of several young corpses of children being found hanging on the trees along with a headless body thrown into a well. Vikrant Rona (Kiccha Sudeep) starts investigating the mystery and believes that the murderer of these corpses is a demon. The story follows his story of how he manages to uncover the secrets behind this mystery while dealing with his personal loss. 

Vikrant Rona – Review

The film starts as a cliche fantastical mystery involving superstitions, the death of the children of the village, and some supernatural elements. But it soon entangles and becomes confusing for the audience to follow the story. 

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The first half is mainly spent on world-building, meanwhile, the audience tries to understand the fantastical elements of the film. This does make the film very boring, because of its very slow pace. There are a few scenes that are very familiar to some of the greatest movies with somewhat similar concepts. 

But the second half manages to redeem itself, by stitching together the loose plots left in the first half. However, it does leave the audience unsatisfied, as some plotlines are completely unnecessary. A lot happens in a few minutes and the audience is left thinking about it. 

Also, in the second half, there are some really horrifying scenes that do not make sense. It feels as if the story is a mix of everything that can be possibly incorporated. Not to mention the predictable plot twist, which can be predicted right at the beginning of the film. 

Cast Performance

As for the acting, the cast managed to leave a good enough impression on the viewers. Kicchi Sudeep shines throughout the movie. From the Indiana-Jones-like entry to the climax, Sudeep manages to look dashing. 

Nirup Bhandari as Sanju/Raghav brings a lot of charm to his character. He gives an outstanding performance. He is a complete surprise in this very disappointing movie. 

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Vikrant Rona Movie Review: A Weird Fantasy Loaded With Confusion 
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Jacqueline Fernandes’ character has very little screen time with almost no dialogues, but she gives a great performance in Ra Ra Rakkamma. 


Overall, the movie lacks some good writing and execution and feels like an overambitious one bringing in everything that the makers could. Kicchi Sudeep shines as the lead and looks great. Nirup Bhandari surprises the audience with his performance as a prodigal son. As for Jacqueline, she has little to no existence in the movie but looks stunning in the dance number. 

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