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Want a Good Night’s Sleep? Follow These Easy Tips to Sleep Well

Sleep is very essential for our physical and mental health. We have robbed ourselves of this sleep. Read to know how to sleep well.

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Sleep is very essential for our physical and mental health. We have robbed ourselves of this sleep. No, it is not about just shutting your eyes close for a few hours. The quality of our sleep has gone down. And our busy lifestyle and jam-packed schedule are to blame.

We sleep whenever we get time. Also, we don’t sleep peacefully. Let’s not even talk about the number of hours we sleep. On average, an adult should get at least seven hours of sleep. The figures are nowhere close.

The catch here is that we won’t see any effect of this unhealthy practice on our bodies at the moment. However, in the long run, it takes the form of heart ailments, high cholesterol, hypertension, burnout, etc. But worry not, getting a good night’s sleep can be very easy. Here’s how.

Clear your mind before sleep:

Whatever your day’s concerns might be, do not take them to your sleep. Make it a point to hit the pillow without any thoughts of the coming day or the day gone by. To achieve this, you can try to create your little sleep ritual. Here are some options you can try.

  • Take a nice shower before you go to sleep. This will relieve your mind and body and make you feel less stressed.
  • Meditate for a few minutes before sleeping. This helps in decluttering your mind.
  • Before sleeping, read a book. Reading will help in taking your mind off those unwanted thoughts. It also helps in sleeping.
  • Write down the activities for the coming day before you sleep. This saves your mind from doing the same while you try to sleep.

Say no to a few things to sleep well:

You know what is coming, right? Handphones or any such device should be avoided if you wish to sleep well. Do not use mobiles at least an hour before your sleep. Also, the place where you sleep should be free from electronic gadgets. Their radiation disrupts sleep.

Second, you should watch your caffeine intake. We often rely on coffee and tea to increase our efficiency. Unbeknownst to us, this also cuts short our sleep. Hence, overconsumption of caffeinated drinks should be avoided.

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Exercise your way to a good sleep:

The body will demand rest when it has worked hard. So, include some physical activity in your routine to fall asleep at night. Apart from this, having a fixed sleep schedule is also very important. Sleeping and waking at the same time every day boosts heart health. It also makes the body habitual to sleeping consistently.

We all must value our bodies and provide them with the basic care they need. Sleep is one such necessity. It might sound like nothing but sleeping well is something that silently adds up to our productivity.

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Anooshka is a tech graduate turned happy content writer who likes to write about lifestyle and Asian culture related content. If not writing, she is likely to be reading a book or watching Netflix.

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