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What Difference Does Having Friends Make in Our Life?

Friends are the very first relations we make in our lives. We try to find company in others right from childhood to old age. Know how it impacts overall health.

What Difference Does Having Friends Make in Our Life

‘Go make some friends’. You must have heard your parents tell you so. Friends are the very first relations we make in our lives. We try to find company in others right from childhood to old age. Why? The simple answer is that it is a big and lonely world. You can’t journey through it all alone. Because you are not an island. And because there exists such a beautiful bond as friendship.

The reasons why we make friends change in every stage of our lives. The only thing constant is the need to have someone you can confide in. Have a look at this breakdown of the impact of having friends at various phases of our lives.

Making friends as kids:

Probably the easiest thing to do as children is to make friends. The drill is insanely simple – you go out, and you can befriend anyone you talk to. It almost seems like a superpower if seen from an adult’s point of view.

Childhood friendships are pure. The sole intention kids have in mind while befriending others is to have the utmost fun. They make and break friendships within an eye-bat. But along the way, kids learn some of the most practical life lessons due to their friends.

They learn how to play as a team, to outstretch their boundaries, to take initiative, etc. This means that however simple, childhood friendships are crucial. They form the base of a person’s personality.

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Making friends as adults:

There are many possibilities for adult friendships. You can have some friends from your childhood. And some friends you make as you experience new things and places. It is also different depending on your personality.

For extroverts, making friends is very easy and they keep on adding new people to their network. On the other hand, for introverts, the childhood charm works no more. So, they keep their circle small and tight. Nonetheless, the need to have friends is still present.

There is a difference in the impact of having friends as kids and as adults. With kids, friendships enhance personality and soft skills like problem-solving, communication, etc. In adults, having friends has a positive impact on health.

Many researches show the following results in adults who have friends-

  • They are happier. The levels of stress and risk of depression are also low.
  • Such individuals exhibit better overall health in terms of Body Mass Index.
  • They are less prone to dementia and have better mental health.
  • Their emotional well-being is higher and are more empathetic.

Now you have scientific support to spend time with friends. Use this as an excuse to plan that meet-up you have been postponing for months. The outcome looks like good health- higher dopamine and lower stress.

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Anooshka is a tech graduate turned happy content writer who likes to write about lifestyle and Asian culture related content. If not writing, she is likely to be reading a book or watching Netflix.

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