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Yet again, which song from Barbie is Trending?

Once again “Barbie” steals the spotlight. All thanks to Dua Lipa, her “DANCE THE NIGHT” has surged in popularity, becoming the second track from the Barbie playlist to capture the airplay charts.

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Once again “Barbie” steals the spotlight. All thanks to Dua Lipa, her “DANCE THE NIGHT” has surged in popularity, becoming the second track from the Barbie playlist to capture the airplay charts.

Dua Lipa never fails to grace headlines in the world of pop airplay. Her track record includes chart-toppers like “Levitating” in 2021, “Break My Heart” and “Don’t Start Now” in 2020, and the iconic “New Rules” in 2018. With a string of spectacular hits, she has undeniably made her mark in the music industry.

Dua Lipa and Barbie

Dua Lipa’s dedication to her music and her Barbie-inspired fashion continues to impress her fans. To celebrate her latest achievement, where her single “Dance The Night Away” skyrocketed to the top of the charts, she shared an extravagant moment on Instagram. The pop sensation donned a Barbie-inspired knitted bikini, complete with a Barbie doll that bore a striking resemblance to her character in the movie. Her caption read, ‘Dance The Night is Number 1 in the UK!!!! Birthday week going strong @barbie @barbiethealbum !!! So much love to everyone listening and streaming.’

In Margot Robbie’s new Barbie movie, the plot is as dazzling as it gets. Margot Robbie takes on the lead role but is not the only Barbie in the spotlight. The film features a dynamic ensemble of multiple Barbie characters, each with their unique charm. What’s even more exciting? It is the collaboration on the movie’s soundtrack, where Dua Lipa and Mark joined hands. Interestingly, it was during this musical endeavor that director Greta Gerwig approached Dua with an intriguing proposition – to become the enchanting Mermaid Barbie. Naturally, Dua enthusiastically accepted the role.

Dance the night, dancing its way out!

“Dance the night” lyrics literally got us dancing the night away with the feeling of happiness and disco beats. It is a song of summer and a treat to the ears indeed. The music video of the song transports us into the world of disco balls and poppy pink aesthetics. There is a delightful cameo appearance by director Greta Gerwig.

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But what is the meaning behind the lyrics of Dance the Night? Dua Lipa never fails to depict her signature style in every music video she makes. It drops the essence of a crazy night with a touch of emotions. “Even when the tears are flowin’, they’re diamonds on my face / I’ll still keep the party goin’, not one hair out of place” resonates with the spirit of celebration and unity. As Dua Lipa takes on the role of the pristine Mermaid Barbie in the movie, her ability to have a blast both within and outside the Barbie world becomes evident.

The song and the entire album are executive produced by the award-winning artist and producer Mark Ronson, alongside Barbie’s writer, director, and executive producer, Greta Gerwig.

As “Dance the Night” has achieved the impressive feat of becoming the second song from the Barbie soundtrack to claim the top spot on a radio ranking chart. This success follows Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice’s “Barbie Word,” featuring Aqua, which continues to dominate Rhythmic Airplay for a remarkable fourth consecutive week, on number 1.

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