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10 tech trends of 2022

10 major technology trends that are driving the 4th industrial revolution, trends that’ll forever alter the way we live our lives.

10 tech trends of 2022

From NFTs to metaverse the year 21 was just a trailer for the incredible technological or tech innovations that would eventually take place in 2022. Even after being devastated by the pandemic, it also necessarily pulled forward our technological progress in different sectors

We are in the middle of a 4Th industrial revolution and what makes it different from the previous revolutions is the interaction between multiple technologies at once. In this article, we’ve listed 10 major technology trends that are driving the 4th industrial revolution, trends that’ll forever alter the way we live our lives.

10 tech trends of 2022
1. Computing

With the increase in the processing power and the shrunken size of microchips, we have quickly become used to computers and devices getting smaller, lighter, cheaper & more powerful. 

Looking ahead the next big leap in computing will be quantum computing which operates by controlling the behavior of these particles which in itself is revolutionary. We finally would be able to hold the uncertainty while making a decision which in itself opens up a wide array of things in it.

The future is fundamentally uncertain and is constantly under transition but is certainly exciting

2. Connected life

We all are familiar with IoT (Directly or indirectly) from every smart device around us. With the increase in many connected devices and objects that are capable of gathering as well as transmitting data. It’s not only limited to devices and consideration but also has key considerations for businesses but the spaces in which we live and work from smart factories to smart cities and more. The spaces around us will increasingly be equipped with the ability to monitor what’s going on and act accordingly.

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A most exciting aspect of this technology is the brain-computer interfaces which are being led by Elon Musks’ company Neuralink. If it’s a little hay for you to imagine it then just visualize controlling a computer or a drone not by operating but by just thinking about it or hearing music being streamed straight into your head. 

3. 3D Printing 

This is old news but believes me, it’s about to go to a whole new level and it’s not about those fancy crafts they make which we see all over social media.

In China, they’ve 3D printed an entire apartment block and one of the most interesting aspects of 3D printing is 3D printed organs that use patient’s cells which means they don’t have to wait for an organ donor in critical hours.

3D printed rockets are on their way with NASA have already made a 3D Rocket Injector and a California-based startup named “Relativity Space” is working on making the first fully 3D printed rocket which would cost a fraction of what they cost now.

4. Living Robots

These are not the ones or something that you’d see in movies. These living robots are made up of real living tissue and could revolutionize medicines. Scientists have taken stem cells from frogs and used computer programs to assemble them into blobs about 1 mm in diameter.

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Even though they come from living tissue they are not classed as animals either they’re the tiny programmable organisms who move independently and there’s a possibility they might be able to self-heal wounds.

5. AR (Augmented Reality)

If you’ve played Pokémon Go, then you’ve already used AR but that was the tip of the iceberg and the boundaries holding the possibilities are just growing with every passing day. 

Overlaying digital images to real-life backgrounds and the best way to think about this is to think about a city guide that not only shows you the best restaurants on the map but also points out in real-time with all sorts of possibilities.

Metaverse, a world in itself is the best thing to describe AR and its capabilities. From playing basketball to shopping you name it we have it.

6. Tactile virtual reality

For the republic of gamer, this is heaven because real-life sensations like feeling getting hit, actual running and stamina, etc. are all part of this. The best part is you won’t feel it’s a game.

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Taking it to a whole new level imagine a bodysuit with sense transmitters all over it that make you feel your VR experience, these are already on market and are being used in sports training and rehabilitation.

One of the very best applications is for surgeons to practice complicated surgery which helps them from feeling the resistance of body tissue when being cut or let it be sewing them, this will help in making healthcare facilities more accurate and save more lives.

7. Self-driving vehicles

Thanks to Tesla they’re already a reality but it won’t be wrong to say what’s being done till now is only the tip of the iceberg.

The goal is to achieve Level 5 automation which means no steering wheels, no pedals, just an input about the destination and the car does the rest.

It is very promising towards reducing congestion pollution to a great extent and also solve parking problems. Not only restricted to cars, in Dubai drone taxis are under development by a company named Vol copter which aims to launch them by 2023.

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8. Hyperloops 

If drone taxis of Dubai aren’t exciting then this will be one. 

Just imagine doing a long-distance journey at the speed of a jet plane without being airborne and with zero carbon impact which is something Elon Musk is working on which is also a joint project between SpaceX and Tesla.

In testing, they’ve reached 460 km/hr and they’re aiming for 1200 km/hr.

Fun fact – Elon Musk says it’ll work better on Mars where they won’t need any tunnel because there’s no atmosphere.

9. Hydrogen Power

Alternative designs for fossil fuels and a carbon-neutral future is the need of the hour and humanity needs it more than ever except the people working for oil companies.

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Hydrogen fuel cells to power engines have been here for a while now and Toyota even developed a car on this concept which by the end of 2019 sold 10,000 units which is not a huge number and there are still problems to deal with.

Hydrogen is very abundant but is still difficult to put in its purest form which makes it expensive and in terms of facts by the mile, it’s 4 times as expensive as gasoline. Hydrogen is also highly flammable even more than gasoline, which makes it dangerous to handle and hence makes the technology more expensive.

10. Carbon Capture

The rise in emissions with each passing day makes it more difficult for us to go carbon neutral. To encounter this carbon capture technology is our best shot.

It works on sucking atmospheric gases in and releasing filter CO2-free air back to the atmosphere but in the middle, it gives back a lot than it takes.

Solid CO2 can be obtained in granular form which can be used to replace aggregates in cement mixture replace sand and save soil erosion. Another most important aspect is this process can also generate hydrocarbons which are generally the fuel we use in our vehicles.

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Ashish is a News Analyst and Author at Empire Weekly. He is a purpose-driven passionate researcher who has a vision developed and evolved over the years but he is not a bookworm. The way of working may be out of the box but his research methodologies push him to do so and all this for analysis only on which he presents his final say. He’s a lot into sketching and likes opening up to music but only to certain genres. He’s a 3rd-year mechanical engineering undergrad but surprisingly is totally into physics, he believes he has found his purpose in the field of nuclear sciences.

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    March 3, 2022 at 7:20 pm

    I am happy that I observed this website, precisely the right info that I was searching for!

  2. Ashutosh Gupta

    March 3, 2022 at 11:25 pm

    The article was very precise, especially I was very to see the inclusion of carbon capture which I think is heavily underrated and above all is the need of the hour.
    Thanks for bringing it up not a lot of people talk about it.

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