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10 ways of styling yourself

Gain confidence in your style with fashion ideas for styling every look in your closet.

10 Ways Of Styling Yourself
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Fashion and styling work as a visual language in our life. It means the message that is being conveyed by the fashion elements you are wearing or carrying. It shows the personality, mood, occasion, and attitude of a person. The term fashion is not just about clothes, but also about the external body elements we use to communicate our feelings or to behave in a certain way.

The elements are jewelry, makeup, accessories, shoes, tattoos, piercings, hairstyles, etc. Style is basically the way you wear something and how you do it in a different way. Style is influenced by color, patterns, fabric, and design. The way we dress often sets the stage for a successful social interaction because we can use it to identify others based on their social identities. Your style can reflect who you are. Finding the right style boosts your confidence if you feel good about what you wear. Your way of carrying yourself represents emotion and ambition. 

Here are 10 ways of styling yourself:

10 Ways Of Styling Yourself
Photo by Clark Street Mercantile

1. Don’t forget leather – Leather is very complimenting to wear or carry, it gives you a royal look.  Leather shoes, jackets, and handbag enhance the look as well as personality. 

2. Denim is your best buddy – Time to hang out? Denim is your best buddy do carry it with yourself. Wearing a blue denim jacket on your white top shows the perfect combination.

3. Mix and match – Mixing and matching is the best way to style. The top you usually carry with jeans, try something new replace your jeans with plazo. Tucking in the top will help you to see new you. 

4. Mix the colors – Mix the colors as you can and get new out of them. Try to get more comfortable with colors, you will get to know that which color combination works for you.

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5. Add a belt to your look – You can update your dress with a chic belt when you need that extra something. This waist-defining accessory is perfect for creating contrast or balancing out a larger design. A belt to your look makes any outfit commendable. You can wear a belt on a midi skirt, a long sweater, etc. 

6. Look that works for you, stick with it – After finding an appropriate look that enhances you, don’t leave that, it can be any hairstyle, jewelry. 

7. Refresh your wardrobe – Getting rid of old stuff and bringing a new collection in your wardrobe will make you update. Two years may pass and your wardrobe looks the same, but if it’s been two years, it may be time to update. Every year, it makes sense to update your wardrobe with on-trend yet timeless pieces.

8. Sunglasses and watches enhance the beauty – Wearing sunglasses and watches portrait your beautiful, confident, and bold personality look. 

9. Don’t be scared to experiment with new looks – Trying new things adapting new fashionable elements helps you to know more that works for you. 

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10. Accessories are the easiest way to update yourself – Accessories are like- watches, hats, sunglasses, earrings, rings, etc. These are generally used to enhance a person’s appearance.


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Divya Arora is News Analyst and Author at Empire Weekly, India. She is pursuing BA in Journalism and Mass communication from Manav Rachna International University.

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