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Life as an interpretable text

The portrayal of mass media of life either as a sad lonely kid or being the perfect mainstream somehow confuses and questions one’s existence as an individual.

Life As An Interpretable Text
Photo by Zac Durant

Living a prosperous, peaceful, and content life is everyone’s basic instinct. But The problems in real life are contrary to our expectations. Here comes the problem. Expecting anything be it positively or negatively invites chaos home. The portrayal of mass media of life either as a sad lonely kid or being the perfect mainstream somehow confuses and questions one’s existence as an individual. The biggest shit one could ever listen to in a so-called motivational YouTube video is overwhelming to be positive all the time without mentioning the tools. Moreover, it is against the fundamental law of life called ‘uncertainty’. 

Human life on this earth is very simple to define. As Dandapani said, “Life is a manifestation of energy“. For better understanding let’s say in terms of energy and vibration relative to time. As ancestors repeatedly emphasized the transients of human life are a peculiar feature. Such a thought provokes to get clarity regarding the sole purpose of life. The God theory, the subconscious power, and everyday undeniable irrational temptations are all there with full of confusion and still one has to figure out one’s stand amid. 

Life As An Interpretable Text
Photo by Mohamed Nohassi

Human being has limitations and power at a time. In fact, The energy is limited, and once invested that energy properly then comes to the power not to attain anything but what is meant for oneself. It does demand consistency. Consistency in maintaining a productive routine. As Jim kick said, a human being is not logical, it is biological. What has been mentioned in the book “power of your subconscious mind” is tame thoughts for better and faster results.

The environment one is exposed to and past experiences build an individual’s perception structure. If one has failed to understand the body to mind connection along with mind to the body then it may worsen the existing condition. It is really dangerous.

The delay for a peaceful existence is the delay in accepting the way one is. There is neither overnight success nor sudden enlightenment.  A human being is based on practical evolution. Somebody has learned a thing only because they have fucked up in some other way. The diversity in human beings both mentally and physically is real.  Everyone will learn some life lessons. The unity is every human being learns things only the hard way and diversity is at the period of learning.  It can be through a hard childhood, academic or career setbacks, failed relationships, any kind of trauma, or it can be even after death something that is beyond human intellectual say spiritual. 

Whatever be one’s perception of life one should find a way to live in the moment. Because the next moment is always a mystery. Once one has achieved a feasible habit consisting of meditation, healthy diet, workout, skin and hair care, financial independence then move forward for next.

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Fathima Rusmin is a professional content writer, she is News Analyst and Author at She is a 21 year old UPSC Aspirant who's pursuing UG in English Literature at St.Joseph’s College (autonomous) Devagiri, Calicut.

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