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12 Fashion items to ace your fashion game

‘FASHION CRISIS,’ which means following through with this post detailing 12 fashion must-haves until you’re ready to embark on the adventure of becoming that FASHION DIVA!

12 Must-Have Items To Ace Your Fashion Game
Photo by Angela Bailey

Guide to Ace Your Fashion Game – Have you come up with the resolution to become that most fashionable friend of your squad this year? Or Do you always come up with a whine of not having anything chick to wear every time you encounter a hangout plan? Or You just want to renew your wardrobe but that the same time doesn’t wanna leave your wallet broke and weeping?

If you are suffering from one of the above situations or something similar to it, I can completely feel you. 

The good news is that there is a master plan to get out of the so-called ‘FASHION CRISIS’ and that is, to follow along with this article listing 12 fashion must-haves so that by the end, you are ready to set yourself on the journey of becoming that FASHION DIVA!

Here is the list of 12 must-have items to ace your fashion game

1. A little Black Dress
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Starting with the old but gold, a little black dress, is never going anywhere. Not only does it looks elegant on its own but goes well with layers to give a more formal look. Whether it’s parties or casual meetings, it can be your BFF.

So, investing in a perfect fit black dress for yourself can be the wisest fashion decision.

2. An oversized White Shirt
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After watching all those Movies and Dramas, you might already have one, but if not, just go get that oversized boyfriend shirt! Because the hype is worth it. It is one of the most versatile pieces of garment that looks best with a pair of black/blue shorts, Baggy jeans, or even skintight black leather pants. To create more outfits, you can layer it up with sweaters, coats, and whatnot. 

3. Tank Tops
12 Must-Have Items To Ace Your Fashion Game
Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris

Being comfy and accentuating at the same time, a triplet of subtle color tank tops is always gonna be a wardrobe must-have. Although it’s always ok to play with some colors, nude, white, and black tanktops offer the most versatility.

4. My Hoodie Home

No matter what color but a decent quality oversized hoodie can make you feel safe and at home. Not only is it super comfy, owing to the tomboyish look of it, makes it a cool piece that you must own.

5. Keep me warm coat
12 Must-Have Items To Ace Your Fashion Game
Photo by Marco Xu

A sleek long coat makes you look rich and classy while keeping you warm inside. After all, fashion is not only about looking good to others but most importantly feeling good and comfy inside. Tan, brown, or black colors can be the most boujee options.

6. Sweaters

The name might sound old-school, but these are the ones enjoying great popularity nowadays. Undoubtedly the best part is that sweaters can be tight-fit, cropped, or oversized. So, it’s highly advisable to add a few, nice, preferably pastel-colored sweaters to your wardrobe. 

7. Joggers
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When it comes to lowers nothing can be more desirable than a ‘near and dear pair of joggers.’ Potentially grey and black, joggers can be coupled with crop-tops, shirts, or your beloved hoodie.

8. Denims and Leather

For a more formal event, joggers can’t be an apt fit (unless you are quite daring!). This is when a beloved pair of blue denim come into play. A black leather tight can be another must-have lower.

9. Access the accessories

Even if you have a top-notch outfit, a couple of minimalist accessories like a watch, a ring or two, studs, or a decent neckpiece can level up your entire look. Invest in simple yet elegant pieces of jewels.

10. White Sneakers

A man’s character is defined by the pair of shoes he wears” is something I ain’t sure about. But I truly believe that your footwear can make or break your look.

With that being said, A pair of white trainers is a fashion savior. You can never go wrong with it. Whether it’s jeans, tights, joggers, dresses, or skirts, it can always find a gorgeous way to blend in.

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11. Turtle Necks

Perfect for fall and layered up in winters, a black, nude, white, or crimson turtleneck can give you that ‘expensive girl’ look. 

12. Booties

A pair of black ankle boots can make a good duo with your white vans so that you are always on top of ‘the perfect footwear game.’ Although rocked with anything, booties are best paired with dresses, skinny jeans, and shorts.

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