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Avatar: The Way of Water Movie Review: Spectacular! Full Of Action And Emotion But Lengthy

Avatar: The Way of Water is a visual extravaganza and is to be watched in the theatre only! It is beautiful, breathtaking, and the animation and action are spectacular.

Avatar The Way of Water Movie Review

Even as you are reading this, Avatar: Way of Water aka Avatar 2 has already been nominated at the Golden Globe Awards 2023 for Best Motion Picture — Drama and Best Director. The James Cameron film, a sequel to his groundbreaking Avatar more than a decade ago in 2009, is equally spectacular, and a little more. The Avatar’s first part was the most unique film in all aspects for the 2000-onward decade. Probably the only such film after Steven Speilberg’s Jurassic Park (first part) that excited and amazed everyone in 1993. Avatar, the first film, was Cameron’s 4-year dream that had come to life in the nineties. Let’s see what his 2022 sequel Avatar 2 is all about.


Avatar The Way of Water Movie Review
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Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldaña) have built a good life on the island of Pandora. They have two sons, Neteyam (Jamie Flatters) and Lo’ak (Britain Dalton), a daughter ‘Tuk’ Tuktirey (Trinity Jo-Li Bliss) and an adopted daughter Kiri (Sigourney Weaver in dual roles of Kiri and Dr Grace Augustine). A human friend of their children, Spider aka Miles Socorro (Jack Champion) is always around. 

The earthly people have not left the pursuit of the Na’avi people and the Sullys. This time, it is not just for the special material found on their land, but merely for revengeful feelings of the alternate ‘avatars’ of the main guys who died in battle with the Na’avi people.

Stephen Lang returns as Colonel Quaritch and is the main villain again, but it is his Na’avi avatar that comes for revenge and causes havoc in the lives of the Sullys. Lang will continue to be the main villain in future sequels, if plotlines remain the same. In Avatar 2, Col Quaritch is down there in Pandora to fight Sully and fulfill the original mission.

But “The Sullys stick together” and they fight him. When it looks a bit impossible to fight the now more powerful Quaritch and his weapons, Jake Sully takes a decision for the safety of his wife and four children. He decides to give up his title of Toruk Makto or the chief and take refuge among the Sea People – the Na’avi clan called the Metkayina. But will their queen Ronal (Kate Winslet) and king Tonowari (Cliff Curtis) agree?

Avatar 2 Trailer

Finally, the Sullys win over the Metkayina island people, their ikrans and also the Tulkun whales. But danger is only miles away, as Quaritch and his gang along with marine biologists again attack the Sea People and whales in order to trap Jake Sully. Will the Sullys be able to win? 

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The battle is real and there will be wins and losses, of things, people and animals. That is what makes Avatar 2 emotional and good to watch. There are some revelations in Avatar 2 and cliffhangers, so the story will continue in the sequels. New characters and plotlines, new islands and people, new legends have added to the mystique of Avatar 2. It will be a challenge for Cameron and his team to continue to deliver hereon.

Avatar: The Way of Water is a visual extravaganza and is to be watched in the theatre only! It is beautiful, breathtaking, and the animation and action are spectacular.

Is the story of Avatar real?

Avatar The Way of Water Movie Review
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Unlike Jurassic Park, Avatar is not based on a book. But there are stories that it is based on the conflict of indigenous people of the Americas (or anywhere in the world) versus the superpowers or monarchies who took them over. The script is fiction, though, and more to do with human conflict and emotion in general.

The deep Indian connections of Avatar – four points

  1. The film franchise has been named after the Sanskrit word ‘avatar’, which could mean someone’s descent or simply one being born or reborn as another. Like Lord Rama and Lord Krishna being the avatar of Lord Vishnu in Hindu mythology. 
  2. The Na’avi people of Avatar have also been coloured blue after Lord Rama and Lord Krishna. The filmmaker has accepted his Indian inspiration.
  3. Another connection one could feel while watching the first Avatar was the Sacred Tree or Tree of Life philosophy and the way energy and souls are transferred. This continues in Avatar 2, with the Sacred Tree as well as Eywa (the Great Mother) also being given importance. There is also a similar tree in the ocean, which stores people’s memories.
  4. In Avatar: The Way of Water, there is a pursuit of the Tulkun whales of a secretion in their brain that reduces the ageing process. This liquid is called “Amrita”, obviously named after the Sanskrit word ‘Amrut’. or Amrit in Hindi, a potion that has the power to make one immortal.


All the main cast members mentioned above, and especially the children of both clans, have performed up to expectations and keep the proceedings interesting.


Avatar The Way of Water Movie Review
Photo credit: Twitter/@BpopeTV

Avatar: The Way of Water is expected to bring families back into the theatre, and it most likely will, with its flamboyance, visuals, special effects, amazing action, and a good, developing story. Top Gun: Maverick continues to run in theatres in India but Black Panther: Wakanda Forever could not perform as per expectations. All eyes are on Avatar 2 now to end 2022 with a bang at the box office. Indian viewers should not have a problem with the length of the film. Even then, maybe the filmmakers should cut a good 20 minutes out of the film. But definitely worth a watch rather than some very average films in recent times that have passed off as good ones. 

Get set for an even more thrilling ride in this franchise, as work is on, in full swing for sequels Avatar 3, 4 and 5!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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