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Blockbuster Review: a lighthearted comedy sitcom with an ironic plot

Streaming on Netflix, Blockbuster is a video rental store that is struggling to keep its store profitable and you can guess why.

Blockbuster Review: a lighthearted comedy sitcom with an ironic plot

Blockbuster is a light-hearted workplace sitcom taking place in a strip mall in Michigan. Randall Park plays Timmy the manager of the last blockbuster store on the planet and his love interest/co-worker Eliza played by Melissa Fumero (Amy Santiago from Brooklyn Nine-Nine). 

Movie Plot

Timmy (Randall Park) finds out the parent company of blockbuster is shutting down and now they are on their own. Timmy argues that they can provide a service that no streaming service can and is convinced that people need a place to interact with each other. 

However, when Eliza (Melissa Fumero) suggests throwing a block party, it quickly becomes a disaster. A video from the party goes viral that ultimately making the party successful and bringing new signups to the rental store. 

After that, there is no mention of ever being a corporate structure, no adjustments or any hint almost as if they have been an independent store.

Movie Review

Blockbuster Review: a lighthearted comedy sitcom with an ironic plot
Image credit: IMDb

Blockbuster is a light-hearted workplace sitcom that may not get the belly laughs but sure gives you enough to smile and that’s just the right amount. And no, the irony is not lost on us of a show about a video rental store streaming online but hear us out. 

The pilot episode promises a mission statement is seen through the course of 10 episodes but Could’ve made a couple more passes at the jokes in the script. But the characters are fun and pretty relatable which makes it that much more fun to watch. 

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Hannah (Madeline Author) doesn’t get the movie references and Carlos a film student makes a video of the store viral which eventually helps the store. Connie is the funniest of all and Kayla is incomparable but also stuck working there because of her father Percy (J.B. Smoove) who owns the strip mall 

Blockbuster is one of those sitcoms that doesn’t take a lot of your mental energy to watch so you can just put it on after a long energy-draining day. It was first developed to air on NBC although there’s no telling if it would’ve made it to the screens or not. 

Blockbuster Official Trailer – Netflix

The sitcom was released on Thursday 3rd October and is now available to stream on Netflix. The actors’ commitment to the role is commendable the one-liners may hit and miss but the overall show gives viewers a good time. 

For the younger generation, it might seem daunting to go to a store to buy something to stream but it was very normal for Millenials. Not to forget that just 20 years ago Netflix and blockbuster coexisted in the same industry. 

They even discussed blockbuster buying the streaming service Netflix but here we are more than a decade later Netflix buying the copyrights of the sitcom Blockbuster. 

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The Movie references are epic in the sitcom and the dialogue is similar to most workplace comedies like Superstore. Speaking of, creator Vanessa Ramos writer of the Blockbuster also wrote for “Superstore” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”. Both of them were obviously huge hits with viewers and both of them are of course workplace comedies. 

Workplace sitcoms are anyway highly popular with viewers, not only because they are fun but also because they are relatable as well, so there the show wins its viewers anyhow. Starting with huge hits The Office, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Parks and recreation have huge fan bases 

Blockbuster can be considered a decent comedy and nostalgia combined.

With inputs from Variety

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