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Confidence and Belief: the key to public speaking

The Key to Public Speaking – Here are the Top Tips to Improve Your Public Speaking Ability.

Confidence And Belief: The Key To Public Speaking
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Whenever you meet someone, one of the first things that the other person notices are how you communicate or what your body language is. And we also know that communicating or speaking up is so necessary for our further life be it in school, college, job placement and so many more places.

People are hesitant to speak up but they just don’t realize the fact that the very process of public speaking starts up in school itself it’s just that we don’t realize it. In school, we had activities forcing us to speak in front of the whole class or maybe in front of an assembly, we had our school interviews where a panel of teachers asked us questions, in college we had our presentations and how can we forget about job interviews.

Public speaking is a process by which you communicate to a set of live audiences. It is also known as oration or oratory, it authentically impacts the audience and that is by speaking in front of them, technically seen public speaking creates a direct impact on the audience just like if we saw any teacher of ours encouraging us in front of like whole class giving a speech how motivated we feel at that time, boosted with courage, the confidence this is a direct impact.

This event is carried out not just to motivate, empower, boost up but also to inform, make aware, educate and entertain people. The very intention of the orator at each public address is what makes each event so different from one another.

The public can be convinced to protest if, hate and protest were the intentions of the speaker or the audience could be convinced to spread love, humanity, positivity if the speaker wants to do so. Hence Public speaking is one of the best and very important skills that one can have. Many shows display the concept of public speaking but still, some so many people cannot speak up in front of their family members or relatives, or at even small gatherings.

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Why so?

The answer is quite simple though and it is not believing in yourself. There is nothing that holds you back to express yourself but just the fact that you don’t believe in yourself enough so that you can go out there in the public or in front of people and speak up.

If you know and believe that there is nothing that can stop you from expressing yourself out there on the stage in front of everyone, your stage fear or the fear of public speaking would be gone in seconds because it would not exist, furthermore, if you start to encourage yourself, boost yourself with that enthusiasm and dauntlessness that is it, it is enough for anyone to go and speak.

There are simple tips to just go and speak in front of the audience that you can implement and be fearless while speaking.

Tips to enhance your public speaking skills:
Confidence and Belief: The key to public speaking
Photo by Marcos Luiz Photograph

1. Practice your speech or script in front of your mirror.

2. Talk to more people as it helps in increasing your proficiency in communication. 

3. Remember that every skill is developed and increased not inherited.

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4. Do not lose confidence in yourself if you make errors.

5. Believe in yourself that you can do it.

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