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Ek Villain Returns Movie Review: A Tale of Needless Sequel

Arjun Kapoor, Tara Sutaria, John Abraham, and Disha Patani starrer is a painful mark and disappoints the original ‘Ek Villain’.

Ek Villain Returns Movie Review: A Tale of Needless Sequel
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Mohit Suri’s ‘Ek Villain Returns’ is a sequel to the 2014 hit ‘Ek Villain’ That starred Shraddha Kapoor, Sidharth Malhotra, and Ritesh Deshmukh. The sequel has failed to be promising compared to the original which was a masterpiece. After a leap of eight years and Rakesh Mahadkar, a serial killer has reigned terror on Mumbai.

‘Ek Villain Returns’ appears on the big screens with the theme – ‘Every story has a villain’ carrying the same cover and the smiley mask. But, this time, the story is about two men and their one-sided love. Eventually, in the end, they decide on the hero and the villain of their stories.

Ek Villain Returns – Plot

The plot deals with the story of a cab driver suffering from a traumatic past and stress due to his one-sided love. It compels him to murder over a dozen of women. His targets are those who break up with men after having a long-term relationship and those who want a materialistic life. He decides to abduct a promising singer, who’s been ditched by a rich spoilt brat but still is in love with him. After the investigation is launched to nab the serial killer the rest of the story is an answer to Who’s the Hero? And who’s the Villain?

With Arjun Kapoor, Disha Patani, John Abraham, and Tara Sutaria in the lead roles, the movie has a plot of complete twists and turns. We get to know who the Villain of the movie is in the first half and it tries to keep you engaged. But then, as the story continues the plot seems to be stretched even though the movie is within the run time.

The ‘Smiley Killer’ Returns

Ek Villain Returns Movie Review: A Tale of Needless Sequel
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The film starts with shaky footage of a vicious attack by a masked murderer in a high-rise apartment at a loud party. The owner of the pad, singer Aarvi Malhotra(Tara Sutaria) goes missing. The alarm to the ‘Smiley Killer’ is back beginning to ring. ACP Ganeshan (JD Chakravarthy) claims that he knows the killer behind the mask, though his colleagues aren’t sure about the same.

The film gropes in the dark and keeps going back and forth in a spectacular fashion of the present day, three or six months back. It keeps showing the stories of two hunks, one of which is Gautam Mehra (Arjun Kapoor) an industrialist’s wayward son who gatecrashes the wedding of his ex and makes a spectacle out of himself.

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Aarvi, to be known as the troublemaker, records the scene and posts it on social media due to which Gautam gets quick notoriety. Instead of flying away, he decides to track Aarvi down and begins to hover around her to return her the favor. He decides to help the struggling pop singer get a famous rival Qiran – “with a Q out of her way.”

The ‘Smiley Killer’ is back in play and Aarvi has her way as Qiran has left the stage for her. On the other hand are Bhairav Purohit (John Abraham), a zoo keeper, part-time cab driver, and a shopaholic who buys a shirt a day from salesgirl Rasika Mapuskar (Disha Patani). Stalking is the favorite time of the two male leads of ‘Ek Villain Returns’.

Acting and Action

Ek Villain Returns Movie Review: A Tale of Needless Sequel
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As for the female leads – Tara Sutaria and Disha Patani, the less said would be better. The film makes sure that nothing that they do on screen takes the focus away from what they are here for, which is pretty faces and hot bodies. Anything more that could have required thoughtful writing would be asking for too much.

The action sequences are not that one could enjoy. The songs, on the other hand, seem rehashed. The plot of Gautam and Aarvi’s story, however, has some high points with not many loopholes. Overall the film is just watchable enough based on its existing reputation but not one that could be enjoyed.

Misogyny At Its Peak

The film goes to the extreme and blames the women for how they would have ended up. The killer we know has already hanged 15 women to death which is just a toll number for the makers. He goes after women who do not reciprocate the love that is shown by men and who want to force themselves and make a way into their lives. All they deserve is death, a violent one is what the film wants us to believe.

‘Ek Villain Returns’, the sequel would be marked as dismissed as a confused, yawn-inducing and raining on our sanity. Misogyny is more than just suspense showing that it champions men who cannot get over their breakups and portrays women to be heartless creatures.

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