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Evolution of Action in Indian Cinema: Thrills, Stunts, and VFX

Indian cinema’s action journey: From raw battles to epic VFX spectacles, these 5 films redefine the thrill. Unforgettable stunts and battles.

Evolution of Action in Indian Cinema Thrills, Stunts, and VFX
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Exciting action scenes packed with thrills and drama have always been available to moviegoers in Indian cinema.

Action in Indian cinema has evolved from straightforward maar-dhaad and roaring chases to heart-pounding stunts and VFX-induced encounters. Hats also go to the stunt coordinators, who were able to blend comedy, romance, and action.

In addition, brawls are now stylized with outstanding stunt choreography, and CGI, the wonder of new-era cinema, brings unbelievable stunts to life. Here are 5 most recognizable action flicks in Indian cinema, ranging from the gritty action of the past to modern stun

KGF Chapter 1 & 2

This film, which was set in a bygone era, was centered on the gold mafia, political intrigue, and intense action. Both Prashanth Neel-directed films established Yash’s reputation as an action star. Extreme emotions, brutal battles, and visceral fighting made this franchise a hit with viewers.

Bahubali 1 & 2

The king of action should be declared to be SS Rajamouli! In his films, especially in Baahubali 1 and 2, he has created some epic action moments that should be used as a case study for anyone who wants to learn more about action in Indian cinema. 

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The pioneering director brought to life previously unimaginable battle scenes, in some ways ushering in a technological age that fosters creativity. Mahendra Baahubali owes a lot to SS Rajamouli’s inventive action style and Herculean power. 


With this Oscar-winning film, SS Rajamouli displayed his greatness as a director, giving fans action that they will never forget. Although RRR is jam-packed with noteworthy action, NTR Jr. and Ram Charan’s Tiger fight scene is its shining moment. This visual experience resulted from several exhaustingly long days of labor, and it deserves to be at the top of any list of action films in Indian cinema.

Ek Tha Tiger

Parkour has been around for a long, but the Salman Khan film “Ek Tha Tiger” set the standard for these challenging stunts. His daring spy exploits included thrilling pursuit sequences and hand-to-hand fights. He demonstrated to the audience that action may be aggressive and fashionable by leaping off buildings and parapets! In the action scenes, Katrina Kaif was equally deft and spectacular.


Vaastav acted as a reality check for some people who had previously lived in the city of dreams while giving a glimpse into Mumbai’s criminal underbelly to others. Sanjay Dutt’s performance in a criminal story that Mahesh Manjrekar expertly crafted will be remembered for decades. Street fights, retaliation, gunfights, and violent encounters – Vaastav accurately portrayed “the reality.”

Action scenes have exceeded conventional limitations in the constantly changing world of Indian cinema, providing audiences with an exhilarating cinematic experience. Indian filmmakers have pushed the boundaries, from brutal combat scenes to breathtaking VFX. As leading examples, KGF, Bahubali, RRR, Ek Tha Tiger, and Vaastav contributed significantly to developing Indian action cinema. 

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While SS Rajamouli reinvented the genre with Baahubali and used ground-breaking technology, Prashanth Neel’s KGF demonstrated Yash’s talent. With unforgettable action, RRR carried on Rajamouli’s heritage, and Ek Tha Tiger popularised parkour in Indian movies. Vaastav, meanwhile, gave a realistic representation of Mumbai’s underworld. These films highlight the enthralling journey of action-packed stories in Indian cinema.

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