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Taylor Swift: Midnights breaks records for the most streamed song in a week on Apple Music and Spotify

Midnights became the biggest album of the year after just one week of its release and it is Taylor’s return to the pop genre.

Taylor Swift: Midnights breaks records for the most streamed song in a week on Apple Music and Spotify

Midnights earned more than 1.3 Million album-equivalent units in the US through its first four full days of release. In just 4 days after the release of the album, this is the biggest album of Swift’s since Adelle’s ‘25’ brought home 3.4 million in its first week of release in 2015. 

The album just had the biggest streaming week of the year since its release on 21st October. 357 million streams on demand across all streaming platforms including audio and video as per billboard. 

Taylor Swift: Midnights breaks records for the most streamed song in a week on Apple Music and Spotify

It is also now the largest streaming week for her album and no previous albums have had this. On the day of its release, Midnights became the most streamed album in a single on Spotify and Taylor became the most streamed artist in a day. 

This is the biggest week for any album in the US since Taylor released ‘Reputation’ in 2017 with 1.2 Million copies sold. 11 times grammy award winner beat Arctic Monkeys in the chart battle and her songs are among the top 3 in the National singles survey. 

Studio album by Taylor Swift

Her song Anti-Hero is on the top followed by Lavender Haze and Snow on the beach in the 2nd and 3rd position respectively. Midnights has become the most streamed album in one week in ARIA history, according to Universal. 

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Taylor has 13 tracks on the ARIA singles list out of 14 and her track Anti-Hero is her 9th single that is no.1 now on the list. She is also shortlisted for the fan-voted best international artist at the 2022 ARIA awards, Which she previously won two times in the year 2019 and 2021. 

According to Universal Music of Australia, Midnights is the most streamed album in a week in ARIA history. With Midnights blowing the album charts Taylor tops the National Singles Survey capturing 9 out of 10 Positions. 

Dominating Australia’s charts Midnight jumps to No. 1 with the biggest volume week of any album in 5 years. It is also at the top of the ARIA chart with more combined sales than any album since her ‘Reputation’ came out in 2017 which was also at the No. 1 position at the time. 

The album has the biggest-ever Vinyl sales in the 1st week shifting over 10,000 units. 

Taylor Swift – Anti-Hero (Official Music Video)

In a five-star review, Guardian music critic Alexis Petridis described it as “cool, collected, and mature”. Writing for the New York Times, however, critic Jon Caramanica said that the album “constrains her voice” and described some of the lyrics as “lacklustre and bluntly imagistic”.

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Swift takes the UK no. 1 singles spot this week with Anti-Hero, a song she described as “a real guided tour throughout all the things I tend to hate about myself. The song’s video had a scene of Taylor weighing herself on the bathroom scale and the word ‘Fat’ appears on the screen which was met with extreme controversy. 

She has openly discussed her difficult relationship with food and body image in the media, and after being accused of fatphobia, the video was forced to remove the word.

Source: The Guardian

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