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Ten Songs to Celebrate the Birthday of BTS Singer Jin

Happy birthday to everyone’s star astronaut from the internationally popular band BTS

Ten Songs to Celebrate the Birthday of BTS Singer Jin

Happy birthday to BTS’s incomparable Kim Seokjin! The oldest member of BTS, Jin, is referred to as Worldwide Handsome. Today, December 4, is his 30th birthday, and we plan to celebrate in style.

Ten of our favorite songs that showcase Jin’s great voice as well as his profound lyrical viewpoint, kind heart, and unwavering love for ARMY, BTS’s devoted following, have been compiled in honor of the vocalist.

Below are 10 songs that include Jin; scroll to the bottom for a Spotify playlist of all the songs.


One of Jin’s most popular solo songs is the cheerful song from BTS’s 2020 Map of the Soul: 7 album, and for good reason. In addition to being the ideal song for Jin’s expressive vocal range, the uplifting ballad conveys a heartfelt message by picturing him as the moon and the members of the ARMY as the earth. How fortunate we are to be in his circle.

“The Astronaut”

With Coldplay, Jin co-wrote the song 2022, which gave him the chance to show off his solo performance skills. On the soaring, sparkling chorus, he sings, “When I’m with you, there is no one else. Although Jin has always had a fondness for songs with lyrics about space travel and planetary research, “The Astronaut” really propelled him into the stratosphere. This song is here to keep us all company while we wait for Jin to release more music, which won’t be for a while.


The members of BTS all investigated their own relationships with the frequently challenging ideas of self-love and identity over the period of the group’s “Love Yourself” series. Jin declares in his solo song “Epiphany” that “I’m the one I should adore in this world.” Despite the song’s gloomy tone, which highlights the difficulty in realizing a seemingly straightforward concept, “Epiphany” is fundamentally a positive song.

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A good ballad is a staple of K-dramas, and Jin didn’t hold back when writing the song for the 2021 drama Jirisan. On the chorus, he sings in a falsetto, “Every night I see you in my heart/Every night I end up crying.” The television show’s plotlines may have come to an end, but “Yours” is still going strong.

“Film Out”

Despite not being a solo song, BTS’s Japanese release “Film Out” showcases a lot of Jin’s strengths as a singer. In addition to being the focus of the music video, BTS is positively magnetic, and the song really lets his vocal line soar. BTS are known for their love of a good set of “la la las,” and “Film Out” includes some of the greatest. The song was written for the Japanese film Signal: Long-Term Unsolved Case Investigation Team and has since gained a following of its own.


The first album where BTS members tried out individual songs was Wings, and Jin handled the situation admirably. When the pre-chorus, which is accompanied by romantic cello, comes around, Jin’s wide vocal range is already fully on display. He starts off in his lower register and spans to a falsetto.


This upbeat music by RM, Jin, and Jungkook’s subunit featured a lineup of members we hadn’t seen all that frequently before. Fans who had the good fortune to witness the members give a live performance as part of the “Permission to Dance On Stage” concert series cherish the BE cut, which is among the album’s liveliest and most energizing tracks.

“It’s Definitely You”

Raise your hand if you concur that Jin and V should form another subgroup. V was starring in the 2016 Korean television production Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth. It’s about time we heard another song from Jin and V, who wrote the jovial, upbeat song that served as the show’s soundtrack.

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In 2020, Jin sent his followers a very special birthday present: “Abyss.” The gentle instrumental captured some of the emotions that so many people experienced in 2020. Jin admitted to feeling alone and lost and said he was moved to express these emotions through music. Anyone who experiences the same thing can feel secure there.

“Super Tuna”

And last but certainly not least, this one needs no explanation. He simply has the range. Many many happy returns of the day Jin!

Check out the playlist on Spotify!

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