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The Various Forms of Noodles Across the Asian Continent

The versatile noodles can fit into everyday scenarios very easily. They are our comfort food. Come and see the countries that have the most famous noodles.

The Various Forms of Noodles Across the Asian Continent

The versatile noodles can fit into everyday scenarios very easily. Imagine slurping on them after a long and tiring day at work. Or, enjoy the instant cup of noodles with your favorite movie.  They are our comfort food.

The roots of this food item can be traced back to thousands of years ago in China. In all these years noodles have evolved immensely. They first traveled across the entire Asian continent with a change in form. And now they can be found in any part of the globe. But the original players belong to a few Asian countries. Without further ado, let’s go through the countries with well-known noodles.


You can’t spell noodles without Japan. Ramen is the most famous noodles Japan has to offer. They are made of wheat flour, salt, and water. They can have many variations even within the country. Instant noodles are mostly ramen.

The second popular noodle here is the Udon noodles. They are also made of wheat and are thicker. They can be eaten dry with some onion and sauce or can be had with soup.


Many have gone bonkers after seeing the main leads eat Ramyeon in the K-dramas. There is a big craze for Ramyeon noodles thanks to that. They are essentially the kind of instant noodles. It is made of wheat flour. Many Korean noodles also use buckwheat flour and starch.

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The other popular variations are Jjajangmyeon, Japchae, and Dangmyeon among others.


The noodles in China are characterized based on the dough. They can be made from wheat, rice, or starch. The rice noodles are called Mi Xian. An even finer version is Mi Fen or rice vermicelli. The ones prepared with wheat are Mi Sua and La Mian. Glass noodles are made of starch and are called Fen Si.

If you know none of them, don’t panic! You sure know the famous Chao Mian or Chow Mein. They are the fried version of noodles. They are also the ones served all over the world.


The noodles made in Thailand are special because of the way they are made. This has led to their global popularity. The most commonly found noodles are Pad Thai and Tom Yum noodles.

Pad Thai is a beloved street food made of rice noodles. And Tom Yum noodles are prepared in the famous Tom Yum soup. Apart from these, flat noodles and glass noodles are also a common sight in Thai dishes.

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What you eat as noodles are the friends and cousins of these main noodles. Well, you know have a good enough knowledge of various noodles. This is your hint to keep work aside and dig into a spicy, slurpy bowl of noodles.

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Anooshka is a tech graduate turned happy content writer who likes to write about lifestyle and Asian culture related content. If not writing, she is likely to be reading a book or watching Netflix.

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