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Top 10 BTS songs to make you feel euphoric

The definitive list of BTS’s top ten songs

Top 10 BTS Songs To Make You Feel Euphoric
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Bangtan Sonyeondan, Bangtan Boys, K-pop Kings, Record breakers, or ARMY’s Lifelines, whatever you may call them, BTS is truly sensational artists, periodt.

The world’s biggest Boy-band consisting of 7 South Korean members named Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, debuted with their first single ‘2 Cool 4 Skool’ under the label ‘Bighit Music’ on June 13, 2013 (sure a golden day).

Seven boys coming from 5 different places of South-Korea, worked their way up to breaking nearly 23 Guinness World records, more than 450 music awards, topping various music charts, and much more well-deserved achievements.

From performing in front of around 400 people to stealing over 90 million ARMIES’ Purpleheart, BTS managed to become not only ‘National Treasure’ but also the 19th artist of ALL- time.

Top 10 BTS Songs To Make You Feel Euphoric
Bts Members Wearing Black Suit Formal Clothes (Image via wallpapers)

With the angel-voiced vocal line(Jungkook, Jimin, V, Jin), and Fire-spitting rappers (Suga, RM, J-hope), BTS has created some magical, legendary music making a lot of 230 songs and nine studio albums.

Although each song is a piece of magic created by our boys, here is the list of 10 highly irresistible BTS songs that you can’t just stop listening to.


This song earns the first slot not only on the list but in every ARMY’s heart. With the heart-piercing lyrics and out the world emotions put in, the ‘Queen’ song was a tribute to the Sewol ferry disaster. Queen because it’s the longest-charting BTS song on the weekly chart. 

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2. MIC DROP(Steve Aoki Remix)

To wipe your tears after experiencing the depth of ‘Spring Day’, nothing can be better than this bop song with more than a billion views on youtube. Owing to the breathtaking beats and jaw-dropping choreography, it is a true feast to the eyes and a great one to throw some shapes on.


The first English single dropped by BTS with a beautiful message of providing hope and light during the pandemic, Dynamite was a huge success. The MV earned a lot of 1.3 Billion views on youtube and a grammy nomination.


Another fully English single has been a blast for both BTS and ARMY. A perfect summer, playful vibe song with fun-to-follow choreography, it truly has the potential to make your body move ‘smooth like Butter’.


This can be your best friend on a shady day when you feel lost as it carries a soothing and motivating message to live and enjoy your life and stop worrying because ‘it too shall pass.’

6. ON

The legendary choreography, the massive performance, a MASTERPIECE are the three compliments out of the million others that one can give to describe this creation. 

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An adorable collaboration leading to an adorable song, ‘Boy with luv’ can make you feel so loved. A sum of around 1.3 Billion views and a bunch of accolades is what this masterpiece earned besides millions of ARMYs.


The result of a quite recent collab with COLDPLAY(Chris Martin), it is a romantic and mesmerizing song. Just give it a shot to be a love shot!


We all are so sick of this fake love…. but one can never be is of the song ‘Fake love’ because it’s quite an impossible task, considering the vocals, music, and the entire concept of the song.


Although it is a single written and sung by Jungkook, the golden ‘maknae’ of the group, It just seemed so unfair for you to not know about this ‘Ultra masterpiece’. Dedicated to ARMYs, the song is the on-point definition of ‘MUSIC’.

This unrealistic amount of success and love is something BTS has earned because of their never-ending passion for music, Hipnotising dance routines, their angelic visuals, brotherhood, humbleness, and loyalty to their fans. In a nutshell, they deserve it all and much more.

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