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Top Fashion Trends 2022

Wear these fashion trends on your sleeves and rock this summer

Top Fashion Trends 2022
Photo by Pexels

The goal of fashion is to wear our unique personalities on our sleeves and the entire body. 

From corset, tailored skirts, pants for women to coats, suits, sportswear, trench coats for men and hippie bell bottoms for all. Fashion has lived longer than any of us, hence is immortal, has travelled back and forth in time and still never gets tired of bringing something new to the table.

And because there is much to choose from, it’s easier to get lost in this pile of clothes and make a mess out of yourself. To save you from such here are the fashion trends that will make you feel confident and make you look glamorous from top to bottom

Crochet Top Patterns + Video Tutorials | For The Frills

We took our grandma’s for granted because she’s the fashion icon we all have been missing out on. If you don’t believe me then you will believe harry styles style who took over the world by storm where we see him wearing a loose multicoloured cardigan.

Crochet has made its way in the Olympics too where we saw Tom Daley knitting in his rest time. Not just them even the dogs are wearing them so where are you? Make yourself a cute top and dress of crochet and rock this summer style.  

A quick tip: These tips will help you shop fashion more sustainably.

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Buy Women Beige Pink Floral Mini Wrap Dress - Wrap Dresses Online India -  FabAlley

If you’re someone looking for a fresh start you’ve got to add florals to your dress because it symbolises just that. Nature and flowers in your closet will look amazing. We are all part of nature and adding it to our personality and clothes will make you feel as if you’re the mother nature waking down the ramp walk of the earth.

This summer you can bring all the floral colour palettes alive. Not just tops, you can find floral shoes, pants hats to suit your personality. You will be amazed to see the collection of Florals flowers in the 16th century and victorian era and how today’s century has learnt, enchanted and added those beautiful prints to our daily fashions style. 

Burberry Spring 2017: The Best Looks | Fashion, Fashion week, Ready to wear

Brands like Ami, Louis Vitton and GmbH were seen with pink suits killing the runway and has become the trend of 2022. The colour pink now has become everyone’s part of fashion. The pink suit, oversized suit and blazer on people is the new trend. 

In colour therapy, pink is the best, giving loving, nurturing and soothing feelings.

You can with the same blazer come back from work and go to a party. It is the best time-consuming clothes which will make you look smart and approachable. 

23 Best Winter Boots for Women 2022 — Rain, Snow, Style, Comfort

Boots can never disappoint us. They are rough as well as are adaptable to all clothes. Let it be a dress or a suit. The boot goes with everything. And there is a various option available in it. Here are a collection of boots to pick up from. The boots are made of leather and rubber but nowadays we can also see metallic boots too.

And if you want to go eco friendly then here are the Best Vegan Boots To Buy In 2022 to choose from.

Best Bucket Hats for Teenage Girls – Cutest Bucket Hat

Just like how everything old is getting new again, even the bucket hat has become a trend of 2022. Also known as the fishing hat which is said to be worn by fishermen in the sea to protect them from the rain. The reason for the bucket hat being on-trend is because it is light, foldable and can fit anywhere. There are varied kinds of bucket hats available like leather, wool, and guess what you can even make your own cute crochet bucket hat at home.

Akoya pearl necklace in yellow gold | KLENOTA

If you can’t pick a necklace you most definitely will go with pearls. Pearls are simple, elegant, classic and the most versatile accessory. A pair of earrings and necklaces can adapt to any style and look.  

If 2022 had to declare a fashion icon it would be Harry styles. Even his name carries style. He has broken so many rules and inspires to be a great fashion icon. Look at him wearing these pearls like a pro

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Which will make you want to get one and wear it everywhere you go. 

Where to Shop Those Flared Yoga Pants You've Been Seeing Everywhere - E!  Online

These pants are from the 60s and were known as bell bottoms. There are varied kinds of flared pants and jeans. But the only similarity will be its wide bottom. They were the disco wears and now they have become party wears. They are breathable and very comfortable to be worn. Be it with a crop top or puff sleeves it is adapted to all kinds of tops and will promise to make you feel and look amazing. 

X-College Varsity Jacket - Deep Claret W - Clothing Ranges | Prozis

Sports or no sports this jacket will take you back to the movie of Greece and the great John Travolta. You must have noticed this jacket worn by all the college sports guys in those 90s movies. Yes, this is the veracity jacket trending in 2022. Even though it’s summer you can rock this by just wearing a T-shirt and shorts. It is made of wool and leather and worn on fashion weeks in Paris, inspired by the fashion icon of 90s Princess Diana’s seen wearing the veracity jacket.

Buy Red Rose Fashion Party Juliet Sleeve Printed Women Multicolor Top at

And finally the majestic trend of all. Puff sleeves are also known as Juliet sleeves and ballon and were popular in the 1930s. You must have seen these in the victorian dresses and house dresses. Puff sleeves will make you feel like a queen and give out a bold statement about your personality. It certainly has gone through many changes from padded jackets to party dresses. For a casual look, you can wear it with high-waisted jeans and for a formal look, you can wear pleated high-waisted pants. 

These trending styles as well as comfortable fashion will bring out the model in you and will make you rock this summer every day.     

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