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Elon Musk - The Dynamic And Paragon Entrepreneur Of Next Generation
Elon Musk - The Dynamic And Paragon Entrepreneur Of Next Generation

Empire Weekly Exclusive

Elon Musk – The Dynamic and Paragon Entrepreneur of Next Generation

Elon Musk is one of the top entrepreneurs who make headlines almost every day and have a significant impact on the latest technological trends.

The unfair situation and chaos of the poor supply chain caused due to the outspread of the Global economic recession have changed the lives of millions. People have shifted their interest from big giant multinational companies to freelancing and startups. Over time, young entrepreneurs have changed their idols who inspire them. Mark Zukerberg is discolored, Steve Jobs is no more, and for the enthusiastic young startup founders, Bill Gates has become an old book. 

Kenan Saleh, the head of Lyft media, has previously mentioned that he admired Mark Zukerberg since the beginning. He further stated that he impersonated Zukerberg in some ways and opened his company during his graduation. Saleh earned a substantial income from the company and sold it in 2019. But there was a time when he started looking for someone who was amazingly doing well in his present and making sure to astonish the world with his projects in the future. 

Elon Musk - The Dynamic And Paragon Entrepreneur Of Next Generation

Unlike many people, all young entrepreneurs adore Steve Jobs and his story of success in life. But with time, his biography became like history to many entrepreneurs. Zuckerberg was still at Facebook but had been embroiled in several scandals by then. Jeff Bezos was Silicon Valley’s ideal choice, but today’s generation now finds the legacy as old as the ENIAC computing system. When interviewing more than twenty young entrepreneurs and founders of startups, the name on everyone’s lips is none other than the great legendary Elon Musk

Marc Baghadjian, the co-founder and CEO of Lolly, stated that the new generation is stronger than the previous one. They do not settle for something foolish and do not look up to their predecessors. They are futuristic and look for something which can bring a positive change. 

Marc Baghadjian and Saleh look up to Elon Musk for his incredible work and unbeatable personality. Saleh stated that he started watching the videos of Musk when he was in college.

“Elon Musk is someone who has set a benchmark and has proved that you can give plenty to the world and can still reap the benefits from it.” The twenty interviewed people stated that they prefer to adore the leader capable of solving the world’s biggest problems. Some people even mentioned the names of Sam Altman, the great American entrepreneur, and Patrick Collison, the Irish entrepreneur who belive that updating technology is the solution for most of the problems the next generation has to face. 

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The new generation looks for the solution to the problems caused by the previous generation. Who better to look up to than Elon Musk, whose innovative electric cars and solar energy are huge successes. Today’s young generation looks at entrepreneurship in a different way. Entrepreneurship is not just a career alternative to marketing consultancies or financial and banking, but it is to grow substantially for the overall development of the future generation.

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Prity Roy is an Indian journalist and editor who has worked with various media companies and has published her anthologies as a co-author. She is currently pursuing BBA and aspires to become a successful woman entrepreneur. Prity started her journey as an editor in Classicpreneur News and Media, a subsidiary company of Uzi World Digital. She currently holds the position of COO at Uzi World Digital and CEO at

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