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Marvel’s Doctor Strange, a set up for the New Era in MCU

New Doctor Strange movie to restart the Iron Man legacy

Marvel’s Doctor Strange, a set up for the New Era in MCU
Image via Marvel Studios

An MCU legacy of a decade came to an end with a shocking snap, the heroic death of Tony Stark aka Iron Man brought an end to the age of Avengers. Fans were disheartened with the death of the superhero and the split of the original Marvel Avengers team but over the years Marvel has been introducing and forming a group of new Avengers, with characters like Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, Loki, and Wanda. They also started introducing characters like Kate Bishop and Yelena Belova who would take up the mantle of the existing superheroes Hawkeye and Black Widow respectively. Marvel has been playing the long game to keep its most beloved franchise alive. 

Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise popularly known as MCU produced by Marvel Studios brought forward a new era of superhero films. With Iron man in 2008, the studio successfully laid the foundation for more than 25 films and several other web series. Iron Man helped Marvel Studios gain back its popularity after the Blade series of the late 90s, it gave the studio a fresh new start and its highest-grossing film the Endgame.

With Spider-Man No Way Home also becoming the highest-grossing film of the year 2021, Marvel is ready to come back with another hit, Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness. The film follows the events from the last Spider-Man film and Loki, Marvel’s web series from Disney+, connecting the web series to the larger film franchise. The movie is ready to release on 6th May 2022 with Benedict Cumberbatch and Elizabeth Olsen as the lead. 

Marvel’s Doctor Strange, a set up for the New Era in MCU
Image via

The film as the name suggests would deal with a multiverse scenario where the lead characters would confront people from different universes, be it villains or superheroes; and with the appearance of the iconic trio in the Spider-Man movie the fans are excited to see if there would be alternate versions of their beloved characters showing up. With the trailer dropping and portraying Strange in different universe scenarios, the short clip showed the Ultron robots which were Iron Man’s world security technology, it also hints at the presence of the fictional group Illuminati of the comic series whose one of the most prominent members includes Iron Man. 

There are rumors of Tom Cruise being cast in the new film as an alternate version of Iron Man, the character appearance is supposed to be a cameo and not much has been revealed. The fans are excited to hear about the return of the character and perhaps a hint towards a new Iron Man who would take on the legacy of the original Iron-Man. Tom Cruise had been the first choice to play the 2008 Iron Man film but the role was rejected by the actor then and ultimately RDJ ended up playing the role.

Riri Williams, a much recent addition to the Marvel comics is set to take up the role of Ironheart (a character similar to Iron-man in the comic series) with her appearance in the new Black Panther film. Could that be the new legacy of Iron Man or a new Iron Man would emerge from the new Doctor Strange film?

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