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Who Is Pankaj Tripathi? The Story of Pankaj Tripathi

Be it an intense role or sweet humorous role, he has mastered almost all sides of acting making him a topnotch actor. 

Who Is Pankaj Tripathi? The Story of Pankaj Tripathi
Photo credit: Ujwal Sharma

Acting and reality are contrary to each other which is why some actors make it to the top and some don’t. The audience tends to be attracted to actors or actresses who can master the art of adding natural elements into their acting, making the character come to life.

Such is the artist – Pankaj Tripathi. Who brings life into the character. If you’re living under a rock and don’t know about him, don’t worry. Here is his life story which will inspire you and also add you to his fan-following club.

Indian actor -Pankaj Tripathi 

Pankaj Tripathi is an actor known for adding his natural playful personality into each character that he acts. He is a humble and versatile actor in the Indian film industry. 

Be it an intense role or sweet humorous role, he has mastered almost all sides of acting making him a topnotch actor. 

His talent was recognized internationally which made him win a national award with a special mention of his role in the movie NEWTON giving India an official entry in the Oscars. Because of his grand acting in Gangs of Wasseypur, people started recognizing his talent. He was honored by the Indian film festival of Melbourne with the diversity in the cinema award and was presented with the award for his unparallel contribution to the cinema industry.

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For his acting in Mirzapur, he won the iReel award in 2019 for the Best Actor for his amazing portrayal of Kaleen Bhiya. And after giving one after the hit movies and shows, he was been offered many roles because of his popularity amongst fans. And made him one of the top actors of India. 

But before this breakthrough were the other small breakthroughs that brought him closer to achieving his dream and passion for acting in the Indian film industry.  

Here are a few of his unnoticed roles in the movies which need to be recognized and appreciated more –


Power is a series written and directed by Atul Sabharwal. It is a show that deals with the drug trade in Mumbai. Even though we have seen Pankaj’s acting prowess of being a crime lord in Gangs of Wasseypur and Mirzapur which was a superhit. But before that, it was Power, where we see him in a villain role making everyone’s heartbeat run faster but also making us sympathize with him. 


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This movie was directed by a debut director Bhavna Talwar in 2007. It was given a national award as the best feature film Starring Pankaj Tripathi and Supriya Pathak. Where we get to see his other side of acting.  

A child is abandoned by his mother and is found by a Chaturvedi who is from a Hindu family.  And soon the family gets to know that the kid is from a Muslim family and they purify him. And while seeking refuge in the Hindu – Muslim riot the priest Chaturvedi realizes the true meaning of religion which is saving and helping each other known as humanity.


Massan is the greatest movie of 2015 where we see excellent performances of Richa Chadha and  Vicky Kaushal. But we also get to see Pankaj Tripathi as Sandhya Ji in a few scenes. But those 10mins of his adorable smile surely put a smile on everyone’s face and even makes Devi smile too, who was traumatized and had closed herself to the cruel unfair world. In the movie, it seems that he too was taking advantage of Devi but in the end, he comes out as a shy and reserved man.

And we can also see him playing different roles like – Father of Gunjan Saxena (the first female air force officer), the Godman guruji in the Scared games, Witty Rudra in Stree.

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The Story of Pankaj Tripathi will give hope to a lot of young budding stars
Pankaj Tripathi - IMDb

Pankaj Tripathi was born in the year 1976 of 5th September in a village in Bihar, India. His entire family was engaged in agriculture. Even though he was working and helping out his family, he alongside took part in the dramas that were held in the village during festivals. And seeing people applaud him for his talent. He gets intrigued and decides to pursue acting. But he knows it was a long dark road of a journey with loads of bumps in it. But Pankaj Tripathi had his eye focused on his dream. He didn’t neglect the responsibility that was on his shoulder too and tried his best to balance out. 

In Patna, he did his hotel management course and took part in the theatres and street shows. But he soon decided to get a job because it was scary to be pursuing something that had 50-50 chances. And he knew he can’t let the talent go to waste and tried his best to work in theatres and try out his luck by sacrificing sleep at night.

He then went to Delhi and enrolled himself in the National School of drama and with the certificate in his hand moved back to Patna to be part of the street show again. 

Soon he releases that even though his love for the street show is unmeasurable but it needs to be sacrificed so that he can level up in his career and goes to explore in the heart of the city and dream Mumbai where he meets his wife who supports him through thick and thin.

For 7 years from 2004 to 2017 carrying passion and patience, he took part in all auditions, ads, tv commercials, and movies. He gave his best to all the roles that he was presented with. 

Slowly he grew nearer to his dreams and with a blink of an eye and got the role of Sultan in Gangs of Wasseypur which finally became the happy ending of his life.

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And from there he has been climbing only up.

  • Pankaj Tripathi on Instagram shared about his preparation and announced the 3rd season of criminal justice.
  • After the great success of OMG, we will be seeing Akshay Kumar again in OMG 2 and Pankaj Tripathi who will be a part of it, and this is the duo we wouldn’t want to miss.
  • Here is Pankaj Tripathi’s movie list to watch from.
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