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Soumyajit Dutta

Soumyajit Dutta is a Cricket News Analyst and Author at Empire Weekly.
Interview with Aanchal Munjal Interview with Aanchal Munjal

Exclusive Interview

Aanchal Munjal is a talented actress in the Indian film and television industry. She has appeared in numerous films and television shows throughout her...

Interview with Rimi Nayak Interview with Rimi Nayak

Exclusive Interview

Rimi Nayak India is a womenswear designer known for her sensual drapes, recognizable designs, and unusual surface treatments, in addition to her timeless cuts....

Interview with Asmita Arora Interview with Asmita Arora

Exclusive Interview

Asmita Arora is one of the most influential influencers in India. Asmita Arora has over 3 million Facebook fans. This “caffeinated law student” is...

Interview with Soha Ali Interview with Soha Ali

Exclusive Interview

Soha Ali is an amazing makeup and beauty Influencer with 107K followers, and she believes that creative work is also an extension of one’s...

Interview with Janvi Singh Interview with Janvi Singh

Exclusive Interview

Janvi Singh is a phenomenal influencer who is a model and a young fitness enthusiast. Janvi was also featured on Ali’s most recent Punjabi...

Interview with Sudeshna Biswas Interview with Sudeshna Biswas

Exclusive Interview

Sudeshna is a beauty, lifestyle, and fashion influencer with 560K followers on Instagram, 319K followers on Facebook, and over 256K subscribers on YouTube. Please...